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Ciclo Cycling Tips

  • Tips for Biking to Work

    Living in the city has its pros and cons. One major drawback is traffic congestion, especially in cities with poor public transport infrastructure....
  • Ride Happy-HER: Riding Essentials for Female Cyclists

    There’s no denying that their needs are different. Women have their own female-specific concerns about safety and comfort. Ladies, here are some riding essential recommendations to make your bike rides more enjoyable!
  • Five Tips on How to Plan for a Long Bike Ride

    The holidays mean more time to ride! Take advantage of the cooler weather and ride your bike further and longer. But with a greater ride, comes even greater responsibility. To make sure you get the most out of your ride and you get home safe, here are five tips we have on how you can plan out your long bike ride.
  • What To Wear On Bike Rides

    There are types of apparel that will allow you to get the best experience out of that particular bike ride. Here is our quick guide on what you can wear so you can Ride Happy on different kinds of bike rides such as bike racing, casual riding, riding for errands, bike touring, bike packing and mountain biking.
  • Design Ideas for Custom Cycling Jerseys and Bib Shorts

    Looking to design your custom cycling jerseys and bib shorts for your team? Lucky for you we’re here to help you out! Ciclo Custom has worked with numerous teams since 2016 in creating, designing and producing custom team uniforms. Teams may submit their own designs, consult with us for design improvements, or have us design their custom cycling kits.
  • Tips for Riding in the Heat

    Days when the sun is out are usually the best time to ride our bike. Riding to the breeze is refreshing. The roads are clear making it all good to just be outside. But we must always know how to ride in any weather condition. Even if a clear sky makes for perfect cycling weather, we have to be prepared because if not, the sun can prove to be too much. Here are some of our tips in riding in the summer or hot weather.
  • Cyclist Safety Essential: Emergency Cards

    Accidents happen when we least expect them to. We invest in proper equipment and practice certain habits to lessen the risk of mishaps. Helmets, hand signals, and other tools help keep us safe but there’s one thing you might be missing: an emergency card. It can quite literally save your life!
  • Ciclo's Indoor Cycling Playlists

    There are times that we can only ride our bike indoors. Yes, it can be a drag to be on our bikes without the breeze, views and friends. But we can make ways to make our indoor cycling session entertaining. Here are our four playlists that pump us up every time we ride indoors. 
  • Safe Cycling During COVID-19

    Cycling is one of the safest activities we can engage in during the pandemic. With the rising number of cases, it's still best to stay at home. But if you really must get on the saddle, here are some safety tips to help minimize the risk of infection on your rides.
  • Five Gift Ideas for Cyclists

    Cycling is one of those sports where the little things matter. And these little things matter even more when they're given as gifts! Here are five ...
  • Where To Find Bike Parking in Metro Manila

    We cyclists are nothing without are bikes. We want them taken care of and stored properly when we have to go places. Luckily Bike Parking Spots in Metro Manila has a crowd-sourced compilation of parking spaces for your bike!
  • Choosing The Right Clothes For Cycling

    We can wear anything riding a bike. But specialty cycling apparel will make your ride more comfortable and improve your performance. Here are some tips on how to choose the right clothes for cycling with cycling jerseys, shorts and bib shorts.