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What To Wear On Bike Rides

Ciclo Cycling Apparel Cyclists Riding Their Bikes

The common perception of a cyclist is someone clad in tight-fitting jerseys and lycra shorts, riding fast on a road bike. However, this isn’t the only way to dress for a bike ride. And just as there are different bikes for different kinds of bike rides, there is a wide range of apparel available to make these bike rides more enjoyable. 

Essentially, you can wear any piece of clothing on any kind of bike ride. However, there are types of apparel that will allow you to get the best experience out of that particular bike ride. Here is our quick guide on what you can wear so you can Ride Happy on different kinds of bike rides.

1. Sport and Competitive Cycling

In competitive cycling, cyclists are looking to maximize their performance. This includes choosing bikes that are more aerodynamic to reduce drag as they ride through the wind. Performance can be further optimized by wearing cycling apparel that also reduces drag. This means wearing body-hugging cycling jerseys and shorts that do not flap in the wind, because flapping from clothing only increases drag and reduces performance.

 Ciclo Cycling Apparel Cyclists Riding Their Bikes

Examples of jerseys and shorts used for competitive cycling are Ciclo’s Pro Light Jerseys and Endurance II Bib Shorts. The Pro Light Jerseys are made with fabrics that are form-fitting to reduce flapping on your sleeves and torso. The Endurance II Bib Shorts are made from Korean Lycra which hug your legs snugly to prevent chafing or fabrics getting caught with your bike as you pedal forward. 

2. Errands and Casual Riding

While cycling jerseys and shorts for competitive cycling increase efficiency allowing you to ride your bike fast, casual and loose clothing allow you to have a more relaxed ride. If you’re riding your bike on an errand, you won’t need to maximize your aerodynamics and you can just take it easy. And an easy ride is best experienced with easy, relaxed clothing. A cotton shirt, loose button-down, pants or even skirts will work for you on this kind of ride. 

3. Bike Touring or Bikepacking

Bike touring involves riding long distances to travel by bike. Clothing choices would depend on the rider, should they prioritize riding fast or riding at a more casual pace. Should you choose to go bike touring, mixing and matching apparel is also a choice! For example, wearing bib shorts for extra comfort on the saddle coupled with a shirt for a more relaxed top works for a lot of bike touring riders.

Ciclo Cycling Apparel Cyclists Riding Their Bikes

4. Mountain Biking

Just like bike touring wear, mountain biking clothing depends mostly on the rider’s preferences. A lot of mountain bikers prefer loose and baggy clothing, preferring a more relaxed feel when riding trails. However, cross-country mountain bikers are usually more focused on performance and would wear tight-fitting and body-hugging cycling kits like jerseys and bib shorts. 

Ciclo Cycling Apparel Cyclists Riding Their Bikes

Riders who also go downhill mountain biking wear more protective clothing. These usually include long-sleeved shirts, elbow and knee pads, and full-face helmets for added protection.

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