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Ride Happy-HER: Riding Essentials for Female Cyclists

Women are just as capable as men on a bike. But there’s no denying that their needs are different. Women have their own female-specific concerns about safety and comfort. 

Ladies, here are some product recommendations to make your bike rides more enjoyable:

Sports Bra

The backview of a lady in activewear

Cycling may be a low impact activity but you can definitely benefit from wearing a sports bra. It provides good chest support when riding over bumpy roads or trails. Sports bras don’t have pesky wires or straps that could get in the way of your performance. A regular bra just pales in comparison to the breathable fabric and quick-drying features of a sports bra.  

Padded Cycling Shorts

Ciclo Cyclist in the Endurance II Bib Shorts and Medley Jersey

In photo: Ciclo's Endurance II Bib Shorts and Medley Jersey

Long rides can be a pain…literally. Cycling for hours on end should be fun, not unpleasant! Padded shorts can help prevent soreness from the saddle, allowing you to go further for longer. Ciclo’s Endurance II bib shorts have a new and improved force gel padding for maximum comfort. Bonus feature: It has a secret pocket for your valuables. How convenient is that?

Menstrual Cup

A mentrual cup on a plate

Periods shouldn’t stop you from riding your bike. If you have trouble moving around on red days, consider switching to a menstrual cup. When inserted correctly, you shouldn’t feel any leaks or pain. Period cups can be worn up to 12 hours depending on your flow. To re-insert, just pour out the contents of the cup, rinse, and then it’s ready to use again. No more foul odors and rashes! 

Personal Safety Alarm

Personal Safety Alarm for Emergencies

Women are often seen as easy targets. Female cyclists are more at risk when they ride alone or at night. Self-defense isn’t always about fighting back. Oftentimes it’s safer to prevent altercations in the first place. One way to deter assailants is through the use of safety alarms. Don’t be deceived by how cute it looks! Personal safety alarms can emit flashing lights and ear-piercing sounds when activated–enough to make any attacker make a run for it.

Ladies, what are YOUR ride essentials? Let us know in the comments! 

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