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Choosing The Right Clothes For Cycling

A group of Filipino cyclists riding their bikes in the Philippines

Our clothes are primarily a result of what we plan to do. Coats, slacks, and dresses are usually chosen for formal occasions. If we’re going to the beach, we wear swimwear. And if we plan on staying at home, we choose whatever’s comfortable. We choose clothes that will help us do what we plan on doing. And this is emphasized in sports and physical activities such as cycling.

Ciclo Cyclist wearing cycling jersey and bib shorts in the Philippines

Of course, we can wear anything we want on a bike, but some clothes will make your ride more inconvenient than other kinds of apparel. This is why cycling-specific apparel is available online to enhance your riding experience. If you ride your bike for sport, adventure, commuting, or just for fun, wearing appropriate clothes will help improve your riding experience. 

Cycling couple on mountain bikes

Cycling Jerseys

Cycling Jerseys are shirts worn by many cyclists. They’re usually designed to be zipped up in front and with three pockets at the back. The pockets are for essential items usually carried by cyclists on rides: cellphone, wallet, snacks, tools, and spare bike items. 

Cycling Jersey Front - Cycling Matters

These are typically made with light and breathable fabrics to ease the burden of riding in higher temperatures. These fabrics are also to prevent the jersey from absorbing sweat and producing foul odors.

Cycling Jersey Back Pockets - Cycling Matters

For cyclists looking to improve their performance, body-fitting jerseys make you more aerodynamic. These jerseys reduce the air drag holding you back as you propel yourself forward with your bike. 

Ciclo has even made cycling jerseys more functional with our Endurance Collection. This collection features pockets that are sweat-proof and can be closed with a zipper.  Here you can securely bring valuable such as wallets, ID cards, and even cellphones. Shop now at

Ciclo Cycling Jersey Hidden Back Pocket

Cycling Shorts

Ciclo Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are made of lycra fabrics that fit the form of your legs. This makes pedaling more efficient as opposed to pants, dresses, or shorts. Since lycra is form-fitting, it doesn’t flap and get caught between your legs and your saddle or other bike parts. 

Padding in cycling shorts makes your ride more comfortable. There are many types of padding. Typically, thicker and longer ones provide better comfort. The choice of padding becomes more important as you ride for more hours and longer distances.  

Ciclo Cycling Shorts Back Pocket

Ciclo has even made cycling shorts more functional by featuring pockets that are sweat-proof and can be closed with a zipper.  Shop now at

Bib Shorts

Ciclo Cycling Bib Shorts

Bib Shorts are padded cycling shorts with shoulder straps. Why the shoulder straps? When you wear regular cycling shorts and you’re bent over your handlebars, there is a tendency for your midsection to be squeezed by the shorts’ hip garter in uncomfortable places. Bib shorts add comfort by keeping your stomach in place when cycling.  

These are typically worn by recreational cyclists who ride longer distances. And wearing them for the first time will feel different. But once you get used to bib shorts, they do provide significant comfort compared to cycling shorts. 

Ciclo Cycling Bib Shorts Back

Ciclo has even made bib shorts more functional by featuring pockets that are sweat-proof and can be closed with a zipper.  Shop now at

Ciclo Cycling Bib Shorts with Pocket


And have you ever wanted your own custom cycling kit? Visit Ciclo Custom for more information.

For more information and products, check visit our homepage for cycling jerseys, shorts and socks. You can also check out our Facebook page and Instagram (@rideciclo) for updates about our cycling adventures with Ciclo Cyclists!

 Ciclo Cyclist wearing cycling jersey and bib shorts in Singapore
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