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Five Gift Ideas for Cyclists

Cycling is one of those sports where the little things matter. And these little things matter even more when they're given as gifts! Here are five items every cyclist needs that they will surely appreciate.

1. Sun Block

Riding a bike usually means being under the sun for hours at a time. Being exposed to harmful rays for extended periods increases your chances of getting skin cancer and other skin diseases. One way to protect your skin is by wearing sunblock! Applying sunblock with SPF 30 to 50 every two hours is recommended for cyclists.

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2. Sunglasses

Another way to protect yourself from the sun is by wearing sunglasses while riding a bike. The sun’s glare can obstruct your view and make it harder to navigate the road or trail. Riding without sunglasses can also give you a headache after riding for more than an hour. Any pair of sunglasses will do well for you. 

Just take note that you usually get what you pay for. More affordable sunglasses have darker tints to reduce brightness when under the sun. More flexible pairs come with sets of lenses with different shades which you can use depending on how bright the day will be. More expensive sunglasses have vents that prevent fogging and polarizing lenses that further reduce any glare from the sun.

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3. Cycling Socks

Socks are common gifts given by everyone. But for cyclists, a cycling-specific pair of socks make a huge difference. Cycling socks are made of more breathable material to add comfort to your feet, especially on longer rides. Its cuffs are also higher than normal socks, around six inches above the ankle. This design also adds comfort to your ride.

Ciclo offers premium cycling socks that will make your ride more enjoyable and comfortable. You can check out our selection here.

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4. Cycling Jerseys

Cycling jerseys are unique to the sport. They are designed to be well fitted to a cyclist’s body to reduce aerodynamic drag when riding. A standard feature of cycling jerseys are three pockets at the back to carry essentials for rides such as a phone, wallet, spares, and food. 

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Ciclo’s jerseys go a step further. Our jerseys’ main body is made with light, moisture-wicking fabric that fit well to your body. They also feature mesh side panels on the torso and sleeves that add even more breathability. Aside from the standard three rear pockets, our Endurance Collection jerseys have a secret fourth pocket for valuables such as phones and wallets. They also feature a rear reflective strip for added visibility when riding at night or early morning.

Check out our Endurance Jerseys here.

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5. Bib Shorts

Bib Shorts won’t appeal to most new cyclists, but add the most comfort when worn on bike rides. As opposed to usual cycling shorts that have waist garters that squeeze in your gut, bib shorts have shoulder straps that prevent this sort of squeezing. These straps also secure the fit of the bib shorts on your waist and thighs, adding even more comfort to your bike ride.

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If you’re looking to get a pair of new bib shorts, Ciclo’s Endurance Bib Shorts offer the comfort you’ll need for any ride, long or short. Our gel padding will help you last longer on your saddle better than most other bib shorts. The Endurance Bib Shorts also feature a rear zipper pocket designed to be hidden under your jersey for your most valuable ride essentials. Check out our Endurance Bib Shorts here.

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