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Cyclist Safety Essential: Emergency Cards

Accidents happen when we least expect them to. We invest in proper equipment and practice certain habits to lessen the risk of mishaps. Helmets, hand signals, and other tools help keep us safe but there’s one thing you might be missing: an emergency card.  

A cyclist riding through an uphill slope with motorcycles

As dramatic as it sounds, having an emergency card can quite literally save your life. It’s necessary to carry one around in case you are rendered unconscious or unable to get help. A companion or a passerby can get in touch with your emergency contact quickly. It should also have important details like your name, age, address, and blood type. Check out our free emergency card template below.

Ciclo Emergency Card Template

There is no need for guessing if you provide crucial information upfront. Have an emergency card printed or laminated. Then, keep it in your jersey pocket or any other place that’s easily accessible. Of course, you may also opt for a wearable Road ID with the same emergency information.

Another helpful tip: you can put the hotline numbers of government and health institutions at the back page. This saves time, allowing you or someone else to contact the appropriate agencies immediately. Here are some helpful emergency numbers to take note of:

  • National Emergency Hotline: 911
  • Philippine National Police Hotline: 117 / 8722-0650
  • Philippine Red Cross: 143 / 8527-8385
  • Bureau of Fire Protection: 8426-0219 / 8426-3812
  • MMDA Road Safety Hotline: 319
  • MMDA Public Safety Hotline: 374
  • MMDA Road Emergency Hotline: 320

An accident is a race against time. The sooner you are able to call for help, the faster you can be attended to. Seconds matter, especially in dire situations. Before going out for a ride, make sure you have an emergency card with you. Ride safe!

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