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Ciclo's Indoor Cycling Playlists

Yes, sometimes we can only ride our bike indoors. And yes, it can be a drag to be spinning without the breeze, views and friends. But we can make ways to make our indoor cycling session entertaining. Check out and follow our four playlists that pump us up every time we ride indoors. We hope they can do the same for you too!

Ciclo Cycling Apparel Indoor Cycling Trainers Playlist

1. Ciclo Indoor Cycling - Dance Edition

2. Ciclo Indoor Cycling - Kpop Edition


3. Ciclo Indoor Cycling - Hiphop Edition

4. Ciclo Indoor Cycling - Rock Edition

We hope these playlists can power you through your time indoors until the next time you can ride your bike outdoors again.

Looking for new places to ride? Check out our route guides:

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