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Bike Donation Drives for Frontliners & Essential Workers

Got a spare bicycle or helmet lying around the house?  Here's where you can donate bikes, helmets, locks, and cash to help out front liners and those badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.   

The Happy Helmet Project
How to Help: Donate bike helmets or cash via BDO, GCash

The workers in our village found out there was a Happy Helmet Fairy godmother in the area! So bipitty boppity boo,...

Posted by The Happy Helmet Project on Sunday, October 4, 2020

A lot of new cyclists have been sharing the road with us, but not all of them have proper equipment. The Happy Helmet Project gives out helmets to bike commuters who do not have their own. They literally hand out helmets on the road to fellow cyclists without proper protection. 


Woman in Action by Gretchen Ho
How to help: Donate bikes, helmets, locks, or cash via BPI, BDO

#DonateABikeSaveAJob: We're about to reach a distribution total of 385 bikes to 8 cities this weekend, thanks to our...

Posted by Gretchen Ho on Thursday, October 8, 2020

Woman in Action's current campaign is "Donate A Bike, Save A Job". As of October 5, 2020, more than 300 bikes have already been distributed to their chosen beneficiaries. If your donation amount reaches 3,500 (equivalent to 1 bike set), you will receive an art card of the person you helped with his/her story on it. 


UP Bike Share
How to help: Donate cash via BPI, BDO, GCash

UP Bike Share is lending our bikes to frontline workers who are in need of a mode of transportation. In the interest of...

Posted by UP Bike Share on Saturday, March 21, 2020

Originally, this student organization was set up to offer bike share services for UP students. Due to the pandemic, the group has been lending its bikes to front liners who do not have their own means of transportation. They are also raising money for bike locks and helmets to give to essential workers. 


Life Cycles PH
How to help: Lend bikes, donate bikes, helmets, locks, or cash via Lazada, GCash, Grabpay

Public transport is suspended, but doctors, nurses, and grocery and drugstore employees need to get to work. Many of...

Posted by Life Cycles PH on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Life Cycles PH is another campaign born out of the limited transportation during lockdown. They pair institutions in need with bike donors to help front liners get to work. They have also set up an online community where you can lend and borrow bikes. 


Lend a Bike Project by The Cyclelogist
How to help: Lend bikes, donate bikes, helmets, locks, or cash via Shopee, Paypal, BDO, GCash

We are shifting from just LENDING bikes to PROVIDING bikes to people who cannot afford a bike as their transport to get...

Posted by Lend A Bike Project on Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Lend a Bike Project started by providing health workers with borrowed bicycles. Now, they also donate bikes, helmets, and locks to their partner institutions. Just like Life Cycles PH, an online Facebook group has been created by The Cyclelogist to facilitate bike donations and sharing. 


Sulong Gulong by Bisiklima
How to help: Donate cash via Paypal, Metrobank, Paymaya, GCash

On August 21, we launched a Call for Beneficiaries post to look for Filipinos who are finding it difficult to get to...

Posted by Bisiklima on Monday, August 31, 2020

Bisiklima was formed by a group of youths who want to promote cycling as a more eco-friendly transportation option. Their current project is Sulong Gulong: an initiative that  aims to provide 50 front liners and essential workers 1 bike set by November 28. Donations are still being accepted until November 27, 2020.


How to help: Volunteer or donate cash via Paypal, BPI, Paymaya, GCash

BIKEYANIHAN 🚴🏻 Be part of the initiative to help our fellow Filipino workers amidst their transportation struggles...

Posted by Bikeyanihan on Tuesday, June 9, 2020

As you may have guessed, the name is from combining the words "bike" and "bayanihan". The group of friends behind Bikeyanihan want to help workers who are forced to walk long distances due to because of the transportation crisis. They are also looking for volunteers who can help distribute bikes to their beneficiaries. 


Remember, no donation amount is too small. A little goes a long way! We hope these campaigns inspire you to pay it forward to help those in need. 

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