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Ciclo Cycling Routes and Stories

  • Bike Routes for Beginners in Metro Manila

    Car-free and peaceful, these conditions make for the best cycling routes especially for beginners. This may not seem possible in a place like Metro Manila, but there are a few spots where people can practice riding their bikes with relative ease. Here are five places where you can start riding a bike.
  • 7 Female Cyclists on What it Means to "Ride Happy"

    In honor of Women's month, we interviewed 7 female cyclists from the Ciclo community. The goal of our campaign is to increase the visibility of women in cycling and to encourage more women to start riding their bikes. They also shared helpful tips for beginners who are just starting out.
  • Ciclo Cycling Trip: Riding Our Bikes To Surf Town San Juan, La Union

    Even if one is done on land while the other is on the sea, cycling and surfing have three things in common: balance, reading your way and your choice of ride. We rode with Team Loyola to San Juan, La Union experience the familiar in a different way.