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Bike Routes Near Metro Manila - Nuvali

Ciclo Cycling Apparel Route Guide - Nuvali Laguna Riding in Nuvali with the Womens Sundown Jersey and Endurance II Bib Shorts

Are you looking for longer bike routes, but not yet quite comfortable riding with the usual road traffic? Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is the place for you. Located 50 kilometers south of Manila via the South Luzon Expressway, Nuvali is a quiet and scenic low density residential and commercial district where you can enjoy rolling hills and lesser cars on the road. 

It’s a popular cycling spot for weekend warriors. There are routes for casual cyclists, serious triathletes, trail riders and those looking for a challenging climb. And there are several options for longer distance loops within the area and even take you to nearby Tagaytay City in Cavite.

Cycling routes usually start at Solenad Mall where two bike shops are located, The Coffee Trail Cyclery and Multisport Hub. The Coffee Trail Cyclery is right in front of a parking lot where most cyclists start. They serve coffee, shakes, snacks and even have a shower. Multisport Hub is a larger bike shop with a wide selection of bikes, parts, accessories and services. You can also try out our cycling jerseys, bib shorts and socks at their shop!

1. Main Nuvali Loop

Ciclo Cycling Apparel Bike Route Guide Nuvali Laguna

Ciclo Cyclists entering Nuvali in the Pro Light Jerseys and Endurance II Bib Shorts 

The Main Nuvali Loop goes for a little over 19 kilometers. Starting from Solenad, you continue along Nuvali Boulevard, past the rotonda and up to the ending T-intersection with Diversity Avenue. From there you can turn right and go up to Miriam College Nuvali. From there it’s a 3.38 kilometer gentle descent back to Diversity Avenue, ending near Republic Wake Park

Ciclo Cyclists Nuvali

Ciclo Cyclist Bea Quiambao wearing the Womens Endurance Collection near the Republic Wakepark, Nvuali

Conversely, you can also turn left at the T-intersection, go down to Republic Wake Park, and then go up the road to Miriam College from the opposite direction. 

2. Carmelray Business Park

If you’re looking to train with your time trial or triathlon bike, neighboring Carmelray Industrial Park is the place for you. Riders park at The Strip, a commercial complex within the area. It is along Wisdom Ave, a pancake flat road where you can train your time trial and triathlon riding skills. Its northern end is exposed to a crosswind, providing an extra challenge for those who want to train in real world conditions.

Ciclo Cyclists Carmelray Nuvali Cycling Route

Ciclo Cyclists At Carmelray The Strip wearing the First and Second Collection Jerseys

3. Revpal Climb

Ciclo Cycling Routes Nuvali Revpal Climb

And if you want to try pushing your climbing limits, the infamous Revpal or Reverse Palace climb is just right beside Nuvali. The palace referred here is Tagaytay City, Cavite's Palace in the Sky and People's Park in the Sky where the climb ends.

The ride starts out manageable: an easy rolling segment from Solenad Mall towards Canlubang Golf and Country Club. Before entering the club, you turn right up a short but steep curving road up to the abandoned mansion of former dictator and plunderer Ferdinand Marcos. There, you’ll find makeshift stores where cyclists eat, drink and hang out.

Ciclo Cycling Apparel Nuvali Route Guide - Dictator Plunderer Marcos Mansion 
Riding past the Marcos Mansion in the Mens Candy Warp Jersey and Endurance II Bib Short

Ciclo Cycling Apparel Nuvali Laguna Route Guide
The short gravel road after Marcos Mansion only about 200 meters long.

If you don't feel like pushing yourself, you can turn around and go back to Nuvali. Because from there, the real climb starts. This segment's average gradient is 4%, but towards the end slopes go as steep as 33%!

Ciclo Cycling Apparel Route Guide Nuvali Laguna Tagaytay Revpal
Ciclo Cycling Apparel Route Guide Nuvali Laguna Tagaytay Revpal
Cyclists at the All Is Well Restaurant

Once you reach the top of Revpal's climb, you'll find the appropriately named All Is Well restaurant. There you can have rice meals and special Bulalo that will make you feel that all really is well 😉 

After a short distance you'll see the entrance to People’s Park in the Sky. Turn right and you can head back down to Nuvali via the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay road. Its slopes are gentle, making it easier to control your bike on your descent.


Ciclo Cycling Apparel Nuvali Laguna Bike Route Guide

  • Nuvali is a privately-owned estate with their own rules. They require all cyclists to wear helmets when inside the premises.
  • There are a number of roads that are still under construction and closed off to cyclists. Adjust your route accordingly.

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